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Aeolus NZ Ltd takes your claim seriously, and offers to provide the best customer service to our customers. This Limited Warranty/Adjustment Policy provides for tyre replacement under certain specified conditions. There is no warranty for tyres that wear out, fail or become unserviceable because of neglect or mistreatment. It is essential that you adhere to all standard safety and maintenance practices and that you carefully read the terms and conditions defined in this Warranty.

Aeolus hereby warrants that every new Aeolus Radial Truck tyre is free from defects in workmanship and material. If a defect in workmanship and materials is found in any Aeolus Radial Truck tyre within the first 10% of the original usable tread, Aeolus will replace such tyre with a comparable new tyre. Any costs incurred for mounting and balancing services are payable by the owner.

If a defect in workmanship and materials is found in any Aeolus Radial Truck tyre after the first 2mm of the original tread, a credit will be given toward the purchase of a comparable new Aeolus tyre in proportion to the original usable tread remaining on the returned tyre to the original usable tread of the new tyre.

For example, 60% tread depth remaining, 60% of the tyre price (invoice price) will be compensated against the purchase of a new tyre of the same type. There is no compensation if the remaining tread depth is below 50%. Applicable taxes on the new tyre and costs of mounting and balancing services will be borne by the owner.

All claim tyres must be sent back to our warehouse for claim processing.
This warranty applies to all tyres that are less than 2 years old from date of manufacture.
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