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Given the small size of the New Zealand new tyre market, convincing a major supplier to manufacture a specialist one off tyre pattern, best suited to New Zealand’s unique operating conditions, should really have been a long shot at best. However, three years of persistence have paid off for local Aeolus tyre distributors, Aeolus NZ, with the arrival of brand new 275/70R 22.5 tyres fitted with their very popular HN353 18 ply deep tread on/off road drive tyre pattern which has proven to be so successful in their 11R22.5 size.

The launch of this specially designed on/off highway tyre means that tyre buyers can now buy with confidence, knowing they have the choice of virgin tyres and no longer have to rely on retreaded tyres, which until now have been the only option. Operators can expect to find better value and longer life by choosing virgin tyres, where there is less chance of issues with poor performance or premature failure that can occur with pre-used tyre cases.

The new 275/70R 22.5 has a special 18 ply construction which makes these tyres more resistant to impact damage and punctures, giving greater structural strength. It is a great alternative to any recap (re-tread), providing deeper tread for better cents per km. Ideal for stock trucks, bulk trucks, dairy tankers and rural delivery fuel tankers.

Size Ply Rim Section Width Overall Diameter Single Max Load Dual Max Load Single kpa Dual kpa Load Index / Speed Symbol
10.00R20   7.50 270mm 1055mm 3000kg 2630kg     146/143K
11R22.5 16 8.25 277mm 1066mm 3000kg 2725kg 830 830 146/143L
315/80R22.5 18 9.00 315mm 1088mm 3750kg 3450kg 830 830 154/150M
275/70/22.5 18 8.25 272mm 972mm 3150kg 2900kg 900 900 148/145L

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